Theory of Change

Input Assumption Output Assumption Outcome Assumption Short Term Impact Assumptions Impact
Books Sold / Distributed to Students All Students who get the book will read it Number of Books Read Students will retain(ed) key concepts SDO indicators increase Students will apply these concepts in their lives outside the classrooms as well Students behave more empathetically to their siblings, friends and parents Students will retain concepts into adulthood Increase in Empathy and Tolerance levels in the society
Courses Delivered to Students All students enrolled attended all sessions of the courses Number of Courses Completed All concepts are understood by students who sit through the THP courses Students would become more likely to consult multiple sources for information THP graduates will continue to have access to jobs Students have conversations about marginalized and otherized groups in their homes Some of THP graduates will reach influential positions and influence International Relations based on THP objectives Better International Relations between THP intervention countries and others (can lead to better economic relations)
Number of School Teachers Trained Trainers delivered the courses as intended   All students agree with the concepts Children's ability to accurately guess a marginalized or otherized group's emotional state in a given situation will increase Parents won’t object to the behavioral change and increased questioning Students start pointing out bias & prejudice hidden in casual conversations THP graduates will continue to have access to jobs THP graduates will have better professional prowess and access to better professional opportunities
  Schools allowed THP to run its intervention with its students     Children's stated beliefs about preference for social equality   Students begin to explore non-geo-conventional professional choices Political forces won’t object to the approach being introduced to classrooms THP educational intervention will become mainstream as opposed to a supplementary intervention
  Parents of the students want their children to become more tolerant and critical thinkers by going through THP interventions         Students become advocates of the THP approach